Full Spectrum Consulting

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Developing and implementing a successful CNG fleet fueling strategy requires expertise in both energy and transportation markets. World Fuel's unique skill set, spanning both areas, positions us to provide clients with unbiased advice and counsel necessary to make wise strategic transportation fuel sourcing decisions. We have decades of experience managing our clients' natural gas requirements across the country as well as marketing billions of gallons of liquid fuel annually.

Infrastructure Consulting

Energy Infrastructure Consulting

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Gas and electric infrastructure is the foundation of every CNG station. A wise location choice will result in high inlet natural gas pressures, reliable electric service and low variable operating costs. Low operating costs provide our clients with a competitive advantage in the marketplace which adds to their bottom line and allows for expanded business opportunities.

Our infrastructure services include energy supply feasibility studies, electric distribution infrastructure evaluation and natural gas pipeline service evaluation.

Pipeline Direct Connections

Evaluate the economics of directly connecting and transporting natural gas on an interstate pipeline instead of taking service through the local utility. In some cases, operating costs can be reduced by over 30% by taking direct pipeline service.

Biogas Supply and Transport

CNG has a smaller carbon footprint than gasoline or diesel. Using biogas as the fuel source to be compressed is even more friendly to the environment. World Fuel Services can arrange biogas supply if it fits a client’s need.

Pipeline Capacity Needs Assessment

Often it is cheaper to purchase supply in a remote supply basin and "transport" the supply to the point of use. However, this approach is more complicated and time consuming. World Fuel Services will evaluate alternative delivery options to make sure the least cost approach is used.

Third Party Supply

Energy procurement has been the cornerstone of World Fuel Services’ energy management expertise for more than two decades. We expertly purchase and deliver natural gas and electricity to our clients. We create competition among qualified suppliers who systematically compete for your business. World Fuel Services' effective sourcing process ensures that each client is able to purchase energy supply at the lowest possible price.

Price Risk Management

Now more than ever you are challenged with a complex, volatile, and demanding fuel market. World Fuel Services provides clients with a broad array of risk management services to control your natural gas and electricity costs. Our objectives are to help you manage your budgeted cost to actual cost. Through constant market analysis, a structured risk plan, established short and long term goals, and effective execution, we work to control and reduce your energy spend.

Fuel Management & Card Services

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World Fuel Services is a national leader in fueling solutions. As The Complete Energy Source, our decades of diverse experience and adaptive product lines strengthen your business, resulting in your success. We provide the insights and strategies needed to compete in today’s changing environment.

Enjoy company-wide savings with The Complete Fleet Card. Individuals throughout your organization, from back office support to your team out on the road, will experience the savings that The Complete Fleet Card offers through its many unique features and ease of use. Are you ready to experience the savings? Get qualified today!

Fleet Administrators

  • Online, real-time transaction monitoring
  • Sophisticated purchase controls/expense monitoring
  • Capture of driver ID and odometer reading at pump
  • Tax reporting
  • Vehicle fuel economy reports and cost analysis
  • Tracking/reporting off-road fuel purchases and costs

Back Office Support

  • Eliminates need for manual tracking processes
  • Easy to read, comprehensive transaction reports
  • No reconciling paper receipts/multiple fueling cards
  • Easy export of data for cost accounting systems


  • No out-of-pocket costs
  • Less time seeking out a specific station
  • Ease of seeking out the best price at the pump
  • Simplicity of use

Compression & Dispensing

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Compression and dispensing decisions determine the capital costs and fueling experience related to CNG investments. If a vehicle is resident at one location for more than six hours, a relatively low cost, time fill application may be appropriate. However, if there is a limited amount of time that vehicles are available to fill and turnaround time is critical, then a fast fill application is likely the best alternative.

It is important to note that "CNG" is not the fuel…natural gas is the fuel. Compressing natural gas (CNG) is simply a mechanism to concentrate energy so vehicles can travel longer distances without fueling. There would be no need to create CNG if a fuel user is stationary. CNG is created so that cars and trucks can utilize low cost natural gas as fuel source and still travel relatively long distances.

Compression and dispensing decisions are tied to specific customer needs and requirements. World Fuel Services will collect necessary client information, develop alternative fueling structures and recommend a course of action.

Below is an example of the information World Fuel Services requires in order to develop and recommend a compression and dispensing strategy:

Vehicle Inventory

  • How many vehicles are expected to convert to CNG?
  • How many gallons of fuel per year does each vehicle consume?
  • Over what time period will the conversion take place?
  • What are the engine sizes?

Vehicle Use Profile

  • How many miles are driven by vehicle type each year?
  • How many hours per day are vehicles in use?
  • When out of use, where do the vehicles reside?
  • Do vehicles operate on weekends?
  • What is the typical route driven by each vehicle type?

Fueling Experience Requirement

  • How much time is available for fueling?
  • Is slow fill (6 hours) a viable option?
  • If fast fill is required, what dispensing rate is acceptable?

Fueling Location

  • Is there a convenient location that you own or control that could support a fueling station?
  • Do you prefer an owner operated fueling station or third-party owned and operated fueling station?
Compression and Dispensing

Vehicle Advisory

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While CNG engine technology is essentially the same as a gasoline engine technology, CNG fuel delivery systems are much more expensive which is why CNG vehicles carry a premium over gasoline or diesel vehicles.

The objective is to use enough low cost natural gas fuel to offset higher capital costs. Factory direct OEM vehicles are available as well as numerous aftermarket conversion kits that convert gasoline and/or diesel engines into CNG capable engines. In addition, there are several tank and delivery systems available in the marketplace.

What is the terrain? What is the duty cycle? What are reliability requirements? World Fuel Services can help!

Technology Providers:

Heavy Duty Engine/Chasses

Several truck chassis manufacturers including Volvo, Peterbuilt, Mack and Freightliner offer natural gas vehicles. Currently, the only engine manufacturer option is Cummins. However, Cummins does offer both 9L and 12L engine options. 9L engines are a good fit for transit and refuse purposes. 12L engines are finding a place in regional dedicated route markets. A 15L OEM option is still under development for the over-the-road market.

Light Duty Engine/Chasses

The big three domestic manufacturers (GM, Ford, Chrysler) offer CNG engines in ½ ton and ¾ ton chassis. Various tank configurations are available as well, either in the bed, or behind the rear seat.

CNG Conversion Kits

CNG conversion kits are available for older, off-warranty engines. The following is a partial list of conversion kits that have been approved by the EPA: Altech-Eco, American Power Group, Inc., Clean Air Power, Inc., AGA Systems, FYDA Energy Solutions, Greenkraft Inc, IMPCO Automotive, Landi Renzo USA/Baytech, NatGasCar, NGV Motori USA, and Omnitek Engineering Corporation. For an up-to-date list at any time, please visit https://www.ngvamerica.org/vehicles/vehicle-availability/.

Tanks and Fuel Delivery Systems

Tank and fuel delivery technology continues to improve as more suppliers are entering the market and more money is being spent on R&D and improved manufacturing techniques. The following is a partial list of tank manufacturers and suppliers: BAC Technologies, Kioshi (Distributed by AmericanCNG), HexagonLincoln, Luxfer Gas Cylinders, Structural Composites, Quantum, 3M – USA; and fueling system packagers: Mainstay Fuel Technologies, Agility Fuel Systems, Trilogy Engineered Solutions, CNG Cylinders International, and dHybrid Systems.

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