Turnkey Fuel Savings

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Are you interested in reaping the benefits of CNG without making a significant capital outlay to build a station?

Are you interested in generating real savings with the first gallon of gas dispensed into your vehicles?

If you answered yes to either question, then World Fuel Services has a set of services that may be a good fit for you.

World Fuel Services will manage energy infrastructure requirements, station design and construction and on-going operational services for a CNG station built to meet your needs. Your commitment is to fuel a certain amount of CNG at the station over a specified time period. Once the contract period expires station ownership reverts to you. It’s that simple: gallon one savings with eventual ownership by you.

Turnkey Fuel Savings

Let Us Build Your Station

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World Fuel Services has the engineering and construction experience required to build a safe, reliable and economic CNG fueling station. We will manage all aspects of the project including front-end engineering, design drawings, permitting and construction. You will get a station on time and on budget.

Dispensing Experience

We will assess your fueling requirements – do you need dispensing rates of 10 GGE per minute or can you slow fill over an extended period? If you need a high dispensing rate, fast fill technololgy will likely be the best solution for your needs. Conversely, if your vehicles are resident for extended periods capital and operating cost can be reduced by using time fill technology.

Private vs. Public Station

Your requirements will determine the actual physical configuration of the station that best fits your needs. We can design and build a private station dedicated to your exclusive use, or we can build a public station and drive down costs by increasing sales volumes. Each decision point impacts costs and paybacks. We will work with you, evaluating reasonable options, and collaboratively choose the best option.


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World Fuel Services can finance part of, or the entire station build project. If your preference is to focus on your core business instead of promoting fuel sales, we can finance the project and give you a competitive, market-based natural gas fuel price. We will market additional supply from the station to push down costs. Creative financing can move a project from thought to reality. Let us partner with you to reduce your energy costs.

World Fuel Services provides financing in a broad variety of energy markets including marine, aviation and land based fuel. Our objective is to facilitate transactions in the energy marketplace that reduce our clients’ energy costs whether it be financing trucks, stations or other energy infrastructure.

Natural Gas Supply


World Fuel Services is one of the largest natural gas managers in North America. We manage natural gas supply to over 4,000 locations nationwide. Clients choose us because we deliver natural gas reliably and economically. We will use our superior natural gas management expertise to deliver fuel to your CNG station at a cost likely below the competition.

Our broad and deep services include the following:

Save 50% on Fuel

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Advantages of a No-Cost Station Build:

This offer translates into immediate fuel savings from Day one. We begin with a high level analysis that examines all operational requirements of your fleet and the project economic feasibility to ensure that CNG is right for you. As we further research each project we pay special attention to the current natural gas availability in the area, a commonly overlooked element of other CNG providers. Our specialized knowledge in natural gas infrastructure development ensures that the fleets we work with receive the highest level of price competition and reliable service that they deserve. After the station is constructed, you are able to utilize the station as the owner and immediately reap the benefits of long-term, lower cost CNG fuel savings from Day 1, without any upfront capital for fueling infrastructure.

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